Our Story - Meet Beth

Hello, I’m Beth,
I’ve been interested in knitting ever since I can remember; both my mother and my paternal grandmother were avid and beautiful knitters. Whenever I think of my Nanny I hear the click click click of her needles as she knit a baby set while reading a novel propped on a music stand and watched TV!

My mother tried to teach me to knit many times, starting when I was 5. She let me unravel a pale yellow Tweed knitted piece that she didn’t like and make it into a hat for myself. I was delighted and thought it was the most beautiful thing ever and wore it to school just knowing everyone would love it. Apparently I came home at noon with the hat in my pocket, tossed it in the back of a cupboard and refused to try knitting again until I was ten. I remember making a long odd shaped scarf that I never finished. So much for attempt #2. Over the next 20+ years I made several more attempts, produced several partially finished projects and all with the assistance of my very patient mother. When I was 40 I asked her to give me one more chance, which of course she did and for some reason, that time knitting made sense to me and I have been entranced by the process, the fibres and the wonderful people you meet through knitting, crochet and all things fibre related ever since!

It’s never too late to try knitting or crochet for the first time, or the 15th time…but be prepared, it’s a life long trip down a wonderful wooly rabbit hole once you do!